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Full Version: Congratulations Razorbacks Squad!!! You are now official!!!
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Attention Garrison members.

It is my great pleasure to announce that the Razorbacks Squad has passed it's probation period and is now officially The Redback Garrisons second squad.

Congratulations to all the members in the Razorbacks catchment area. Over the past 6 months you have shown that you all work well together, troop together and have a beer together (as well as a sneaky parmy or ten). Your enthusiasm and passion for this hobby is why you have passed probation with flying colours.

I will just wait for the official okie dokie from the Legion, but as of now you can stand tall and proud that you have shown why you all deserve your squad.

Great work Razorbacks. Onwards and upwards!

Garrison Commanding Officer
Yay awesome work guys
We made it Smile congrats Razorbacks
Congrats guys!
yippie merch... i mean congrats Razorbackz
Woooo! Awesome guys! Now get onto that merch... papa needs a new coin Wink
Merch yay! Good work us.
Loud and proud
Well done everyone. We have done the Garrison proud I reckon. I wonder who will take out the first "Piggie" award Smile And yes, here comes the new Merch Wink
Congratulations Adam and your squad the Mighty Razorbacks!!, well done guys and gals.
More patches. Oh yeah congrats as well.
Congratulations Razorbacks!
Congrats guys!
Congrats Razorbacks! I have a Copperhead patch to swap for a Razorback one. Wink
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