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Full Version: Please welcome ST8079 seantrooper & ST5092 Glitch
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Please welcome our first Shoretroopers ST 8079 seantrooper & ST5092 Glitch.

Well done lads look great....and I expected nothing less.

Now patrol Scarif for those Rogue elements.

[Image: st8079_full.jpg] [Image: st5092_full.jpg]
They both look awesome congrats
Nice!! Congrats guys!

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[Image: UZ21aq]

Big thanks to Phantom and the CRC for going through these so fast.

Bring on Dreamworld!
Great job boys, see you on the weekend.
Nice looking sweet guys
Awesome, congratulations, I'm sure the comprehensive build thread made phantoms job easier boys .
Outstanding work fellas, congratulations
Congratulations Sean's will need to pick your brains as I need one of these. I mean after all how are we meant to recreate this photo without the 3 Sean's / Shawn's / Shaun's [Image: e46562bffee99537e07642cb06de25b4.jpg]

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Congrats guys. Well done.
Awesome work guys

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Well done lads!