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IThere has been a few new Redbacks recently approved, but unfortunately I havent been able to update their Roster images.

Please welcome the following

Iceman - BH20121- Isaac with his Greedo
Deathray TR23473 - Daniel with his Shadow Guard
Hesho -TK18772 Adrian with his TK ANH Stunt
Dreadnought - BH42198 - Jason with ROTJ Boba
Nighthawk -ID17168 - Trevor with his Officer

There has also been a stack of new costumes approved for existing members.

Kaladan - Scanning Crew
                Reserve Pilot
                 AT-AT Commander
                 Imperial Line Officer
 Wendal - Kylo Ren
Big Dub-  Reserve Pilot
Nilrem - SnowTrooper
Squid - Tusken
Booster- Crewman
Noen - AT-AT Commander
Disco - ANH Stunt Stormtrooper
if you need image rosters done, send them to me until you sort your PC out.
Congratulations and welcome to all .
Gratz to all!
Congrats to everyone, and welcome to the new members.
Welcome and congrats.

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Welcome and congrats to all!
Congratulations everyone
Congrats to all!
Welcome and congrats to the latest Redbacks, great work on your approvals. Congrats to the troopers with the new kits!
Excellent work troopers. Great additions to the garrison.
Welcome to the new Redback's and congrats to everyone with those new costumes.
Multi-Congrats! Flood gates are opened!
Awesome work guys.
Congratulations all, looking forward to seeing these new costumes.
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