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Full Version: Congratualtions to our 2017 Garrsion Award Winners
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Please congratulate the following troopers for their outstanding service to the Garrison and Squads.  Each member has gone above and beyond to help make this Garrison as great as it is today.  Keep up the great work troopers!

Trooper of the Year - Teiwaz

Troopers Trooper - MyKill

Rookie of the Year - Squid

Longfin Squad Sharky - Flasheart

Razorback Squad Piggy - Major Payne

Best Regards
Well done troopers!!
Well done to the award recipients, well deserved all
Congrats to all the award winners.
Congratulations Troopers
Congrats to all the winners
Congratulations troopers! We're all winners for having you in the garrison.
Congrats guys and girls.

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Great work and congratulations to all of you.
Congratulations to all award recipients for 2017.

Well done!
Well done, you are now part of Redback history:
Nice work everyone

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Well done to all, great effort !