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Full Version: Pilots approved
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Please welcome to the Redbacks newest Pilots
TI46824 Triplesix - TFA Pilot 
TI23967 Booster - ANH Pilot
[Image: AgaUkmK.jpg]
[Image: ljusKhi.jpg]
Congratulations guys , well done .
Awesome work Troopers!
Congrats guys
Awesome work. Congrats
Congrats troopers
Nice one.
Nice Knickers ;-)
two FO's in Mackay whoo hoooo...
Omg another VADER geez n congrates both u two
Great job guys .
Looking good there guys. Congratulations to you both!
Nice work! Both look great!
Epic work pilots! Great looking kits, congrats
Congratulations to you both!! Looking good

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Thanks everyone so happy I finally got to the flight deck. See you all in the near future trooping I hope.

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