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Full Version: Just in time for Summer, Snowtroopers approved
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Please welcome TS-50180 Donut and TS- 16426 Red Empress
Nice work troopers
[Image: QFWlvpc.jpg]
[Image: Ik22pX7.jpg]
You both look great. Congrats on your approval.

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Woooo nice work!!
Congrats guys
Congrats troopers
Yeah!!! Congrats frosties!!! Well done!
congrats, did i start a trend with my snow scout..???

Well done both.
No you didn't Beanie.

Congrats guys. Go hit the beach. The weather is lovely.
Congrats, and right before summer you crazy kids lol.
Congrats, looking great
Well done Guys , love the Snowies
So excited can't wait to get my snowie out in that tropical sun  Many Thanks to my chap DannytheBlue for his expertise, Kevader for my flashing lights and Beanie for his build info.
Well done guys! Looks great! Perfect for the tropics
Outstanding. Both look fantastic 
Congratulations, excellent work.
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