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Full Version: Please welcome TLJ TK-4159 Beanie
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Just approved in the nick of time, reporting for duty TK-4159 

[Image: qmjAIGg.jpg]
Congrats beanie. U look great
Well done looks great.
Nice job polishing that bucket trooper but how about cleaning the rest of your armor.

Congratulations mate looks awesome again

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Everyone must bow to the First Order !

Great work Beanie
Looks good Bean Man!
Looks good beanie.
Congratulations Beanie .
Welcome Beanie, good to have you with us. Wait....................
thanks all, always good to be welcomed. again. looking forward to rocking yet another first for Redbacks and Australia with TLJ TK!
congrats mate
Congrats Beanie

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Well done mate.
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