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Full Version: Please welcome DZ-7967 A'Sharad Hett - Chopper
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Please congratulate Chopper on his recent approval and a first for the Redback Garrison, A'Sharad Hett
[Image: tE9VpZY.jpg]
[Image: DcGr2P4.jpg]
Congrats Chopper looks awesome
Fantastic. Welcome

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Congrats mate, looks great
Congrats on the approval and being the 1st. Looks fantastic.
Nice one unkie Chop Chop. Looks very cool.
Sweet as, nice work!
Congratulations Chopper, looks great.
Congrats Chopper!
Congratulations Chopper good to see you get this one finished.
Congratulations, well done mate .
Congrats chopper looking good mate!

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