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Full Version: Please welcome our newest Redback DZ-31569 Shadowhawk
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Please all welcome DZ-31569 Shadowhawk to the Redbacks
Great work Sharon, and please excuse my lateness, ( officially approved back before Christmas)

[Image: 97JipSd.jpg]
[Image: Ly3G7NL.jpg]
Yay Sharon!! well done
Congratulations and welcome.

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Welcome and congrats on the jawa approval!

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Congratulations and welcome :-)

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Nothing better than having a wife who loves playing dress ups as well :D
Congrats. Another jawa to steal our droids!
Congratulations, looks great.
Congrats and welcome!
Congratulations , hopefully we will troop together soon
Congrats Sharon, nice work.
Congratulations Sharon, great work!
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