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Full Version: welcome to our newest Fly Boys Firestorm and JD
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Please welcome our newest high flyers Matt and JD.
Who needs shields right, only wimpy Rebels do

[Image: 8BK2IMA.jpg][Image: ZmysSol.jpg]

[Image: sr9gFYl.jpg][Image: zbLdAkN.jpg]
Congrats guys well dane ?
Congrats guys

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NIce work guys,
Congratulations guys well done.
Well done lads!!

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Awesome news Flyboys. Well done to both of you.
Good stuff guys. Congrats.
Great work you two and congratulations! Fly Boys will soon out-number the TK's!!!!
Great work guys!
Well done gents, you look awesome! Feel free to put Back in Black on the stereo to celebrate. Or Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines. Whichever you prefer.
Congratulations to you both! Awesome work and they look incredible

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Well done both of you.

Good timing JD.
You'll be able to fly to work during the Commonwealth Games. You sure don't want to drive.
Congratulations Air heads
Congrats guys
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