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Full Version: Please welcome our newest Redback TK-91167 Wrexham
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Can never ever, have enough grunts to do the Emperors dirty work.

Congrats  Paul, TK-91167 on joining the Redbacks ( and Razorbacks) ranks.
[Image: trdw935.jpg]
[Image: a0ktR6s.jpg]
Good stuff. Congratulations Paul.
Good work and congrats
Congrats Trooper

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Congrats trooper .. that what we like... more white!! ✊
Congratulations Paul, looks great.
Congrats Paul!
Well done trooper. Congratulations
Thanks you, hope to meet you on a troop soon.
Welcome aboard!
Congrats and welcome to the Redbacks.
Congrats mate, welcome to the Redbacks!
Welcome to the Garrison!
Nice one. Looks awesome
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