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Full Version: Its not easy being green,
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Please welcome TX- 86810 GaugeRage
Nice work!
[Image: iNuqzrI.jpg][Image: HErQUug.jpg]
Congrats looks great.

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Congrats Gauge! Looking.... Green.
Looks great mate. Well done.
Congrats Gauge
Congratulations Guage !!
Congratulations Kermit .
Congratulations Gaugerage!
Looks great.
Congratulations mate well done.
Congratulations! It looks incredible

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As Gordon Gekko didn't once say, Green Is Good. Great work mate. Is there a slight variant to the costume for St Patrick's Day? 
So, why are there so many songs about rainbows? Congrats Gaugey!!! Lookin sharp

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Congrats mate
Damn awesome job mate !! Look forward to trooping with you & meeting you at Dreamworld. I know 'our' Kermit can't wait !
Congrats Stephen
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