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Full Version: Please welcome to the stage on the Fizzz tonight DZ-35711
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Play it again Sticky,  now join your Model Nodes band members
Nice work Jeremy 

[Image: nE49p6W.jpg][Image: 2bsGV65.jpg]
Well done Sticky , we definitely need some musical talent on board .
Wow congrats. Nice photo.

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Congratulations Sticky
Congratulations Sticky.
Congrats sticky, looks great.

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Do you take requests? you do... play that song again!

Well done mate.
I thought the larger photo was supposed to be the costume photo? :P

Congrats Sticky, looks great
Haha well done looks great.
Now play that same song again!
Sticky Fizzz. What a stage name! Congratulations mate.
Congrats mate
Congratulations. This is awesome stuff! Get those hips swinging
HA HA awesome. Congrates!
Wow awesome congrats Sticky
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