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Full Version: Happy 18th Birthday and welcome to the Legion DZ-19400 Dozza
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You couldn't ask for a better 18th birthday present, than your approval into the Legion. 
Doreen joins Seantrooper and Ethanas the only Redbacks to have been approved and issued their Legion ID on the 18th!
Well done Dozza!! 
The next rounds on you!!
[Image: 2OyuK82.jpg][Image: 4cMkEN9.jpg]
Woooooooooo. Congrats Dozza!!!!! Welcome to the Redbacks!!!!!

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Awesome news Dozza, well done and happy 18th again , now get signed up for Magneticon 
Congrats Doreen welcome to the Garrison offical as fully approved member
Congrats Dozza! Welcome to the Redbacks at long last
Great news Dozza. Welcome to the Garrison.
Awesome news!! Welcome to the 18th approval crew
Happy 18th birthday and congratulations!

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Congratulations on approval and Congratulations on graduating from Geonosis School Galactic Academy
Thank you all!

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Congratulations and Happy 18th Doreen! Your shout!!!
Happy birthday and Congratulations :D
Wooooooooooooooooo Hooooooo... Congrats and welcome to the big league.. 

One of us... one of us...
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