Redback Garrison

Full Version: Please welcome to the Redbacks DZ-31109 Grimlee_TheSkald,
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Just what the garrison needs, another dirty scavanger
Just kidding Shannon, the Empire is all for recycling, welcome to the Legion mate
[Image: kojsPeo.jpg][Image: DOY5X6G.jpg]

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Congrats and Welcome. Another member for the Clan, excellent.
Congratulations. Welcome to the Garrison.
Hey guys,

Glad to have finally joined the Empire! I look forward to trooping with everyone and scavenging anything I can get my dirty hands on... In the words of a furry desert rat from tatooine, "Utini"
Congratulations Shannon, welcome to the Garrison!
Welcome to the Redbacks!!

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Welcome aboard!

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Congrats and welcome to the Redbacks!
Congrats and welcome aboard.
Great work congratulations
Great work, welcome to the Garrison!
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