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Full Version: more cannon fodder, TK-12311 Teiwaz
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Can always use more grunts, please congratulate Dave on his recent approval. 
Can you still do your signature pose in real hard armour

[Image: TTX930k.jpg][Image: TsKoXPo.jpg]
Congratulations mate

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Great work trooper...
Welcome to the world of hard armor , you look awesome.

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Well done see you at DW
Welcome to the shiny hard to move whites!!

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Congrats looking good
Congrats Dave looks great.

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Woohoo, more cannon fodder. Umm, I mean, congratulations.
Congrats Dave
Haha no, the pose doesn't work, and I have discovered this thing called "armour bite"!

This was a commission build Moncal kit donated by WEB for Act for Kids. Its a big donation and a lot of time went into building it so all the kudos for it should go to them. Thanks to all of you.
Congrats Dave!
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