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Full Version: Please welcome ID-30030 Ruley86
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Please welcome aboard Brett in his Officer costume.  Make sure not to stick your neck out, as Vader hasn't choked anyone for a while, and has itchy fingers
[Image: nOUtTH6.jpg]
Congratulations and welcome to the Garrison.
Good work trooper
Congratulations and welcome aboard. (Jump in quick for the Imperial Officer Corps racing shirt group order)
Congratulations and welcome!
Congrats and welcome
Congrats and welcome aboard!
Welcome aboard - luckily it's the line officers that have the shorter career path around Lord Vader!
More officers to push us around....Great...

Congratulations and welcome to the Garrison!
Congrats and welcome aboard!

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Congrats and welcome aboard
Welcome aboard
Well done mate. Welcome and Congrats.

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