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Full Version: Just in time for winter, TS-13092 Asmetz
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Perfect Snowie trooping weather, welcome aboard Aaron
[Image: gJjZlwv.jpg][Image: I75Q7HH.jpg]
Congrats, just in time , winter is coming .
Congrats and welcome
Congratulations and welcome
Congrats on your approval
Looking good trooper, stay frosty...
Woohoo! A long time coming this one, well done Aaron!
Finally! Yay!
Congrats and Welcome!
Dude, what?!  Congratulations!!!

We were both cadets at my first event ever (2015 ipswich RSPCA million paws walk), great to see you approved mate!
Accidentally gets assigned to Tatooine!

Congratulations mate!
Thanks all.

I finally got just took some much needed ass kicking to get there.
It’s been a long, long time coming . Congratulations on your approval snow bro!
Congratulations and welcome
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