Redback Garrison

Full Version: Please welcome our newest Redback DZ-23497 Folorncreature
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Welcome to the Legion my little scavenger friend. 
Everyone lock up your speeders and droids
[Image: tLce6BG.jpg][Image: JfFttCy.jpg]

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Congratulation mate!! about time you were finally one of us
Congratulations Thomas and welcome to the Redbacks.
Congrats Thomas and welcome.
For everyone playing at home Thomas is one of my brothers.
Jawa power !!
Wipe those feet before you come in the death star!
Conrgrats Thomas............................... Aboot time Well done mate.
Congratulations mate .
Great work

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Congrats Thomas!
Well done mate, welcome to the ranks
Hooray!  Congratulations on becoming a member.
Congratulations mate

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