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Full Version: Please welcome ID-17305 Kelz
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Please welcome the newest member of the Garrison, ID-17305
Great stuff Kelly

[Image: L5GQZCd.jpg]
Congratulations Kelly! Welcome to the Redbacks.
Congratulations! Better update that OCC sign up, and get rid of that 'Hopefully' 
Congrats Kelly! Welcome to the Redbacks
Congrats Kelly!!!

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Most excellent congratulations Kelly!!! Another tall officer, they’ll run out of room for us all soon

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Congratulations!! Can’t wait to have you out trooping with us!

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Good stuff, well done Kelly
Congratulations and welcome aboard.
congrats and welcome
Congratulations Kelly!!!
Congratulations Kelly!
Congratulations Kelly
Thank you so much everyone for the welcome!!!!

I feel like I have been part for the family forever so I am glad to make it official now!!
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