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Full Version: Please Welcome TR-63982 Kemen
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Please welcome our newest member of the Garrison TR 63982 
Great job Chris!!

 [Image: 2ofOoOw.jpg] [Image: ZSnTd22.jpg]
Well done Chris and welcome to the Redback Garrison!

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Congratulations and welcome!

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Congratulations and welcome Chris!
Congrats Smile
Cogratulations!! Looks great

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Welcome and congrats
Congratulations, nice work.
Congratulations and welcome to the Redback Garrison.
Congratulations Chris, welcome aboard!!
Congratulations well done
Welcome mate. Nice work.
Well done mate. Looks really good.
Another Royal Guard for Venom Squad
Thnx for the welcomes all....
Well done! Another crayon for the box Wink
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