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Full Version: Please Welcome ID 22008
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Please welcome our newest member to the ranks of the Redbacks 
 I'm also pleased to announce Bailey is a graduate from Geonosis School, Qld

Well Done Bailey

[Image: XNi8mJQ.jpg]
Congratulations, and welcome!

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Congratulations and welcome
Congrats Bailey! Good to see you finally amongst the Redbacks
Congrats Bailey!
Nice one young fella.
Welcome to the Garrison mate.
Also welcome as a new member of the Razorbacks Squad.
Glad to see you've joined our ranks!
Thank you everybody, I look forward to many glorious troops
Welcome Bailey , good to have you on board.
Welcome aboard Bailey, congrats on the approval.

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Congratulations Bailey!
One of us, one of us, one of us...

Congratulations Bailey
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