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Full Version: Please welcome another scavenger DZ-24984
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Lock up your droids!!!
Congratulations to Diatium on his Jawa

[Image: R8Cmw5b.gif]          [Image: xCTR7SZ.gif]

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Congrats Leith , I’m sure you’ll make a great addition to the ranks of the pesky Jawa’s .
Congratulations Buddy
Congratulations mate now stay away from them Droids

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Thanks guys! Now what is my next project......
Congratulations Leith, you are on a proverbial, costume roll
Congratulations mate.

Guys keep an eye on your ammo belts. These guys are shifty
Congratulations Leith!
Congrats Leith!
Congrats Leith,
I can't wait to see you in this, and what you'll get up to.
Well Done mate!

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