Redback Garrison

Full Version: Please welcome the Garrisons first Deathtroopers, TX-11188 & TX-9893
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Once you go black, you never go back, looks a lot better than gold
Please congratulate Redav and Lexis on the recent approval of their Deathtroopers

[Image: fzG0urk.jpg][Image: rfp2HEU.jpg]

[Image: vq29H7Z.jpg][Image: 9uR28rE.jpg]
Congratulations! Looks great!

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Congratulations boys .
Woohoo! They look amazing, congratulations boys

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Well done guys.
All that hard work and frustrations paid off.
Looking forward to seeing you both in armour, at Supanova.
Congratulations guys, you look awesome.
Congrats guys, well done

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Congratulations to you both.
Brilliant gentlemen, looks brilliant.
Sensational, Awesome and looks Perfect. Well done to you both. These look absolutely MINT.
Double trouble !! Well done guys!!!
Congratulations guys you both look amazing
Looks good
Awesome to have two more Vaders in the garrison.
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