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Full Version: Congratulations Venom Squad.
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It is my great pleasure to announce that our North Queensland squad, Venom Squad, has just passed it's probation and is now a fully fledged squad of the Redback Garrison and the 501st Legion.

Venom Squad has shown the most positive and exemplary attitude during their probation period. To a member they have all shown that they have been ready to take the next step. 

Fantastic work Venom Squad!
Thank You APOK for your support and help getting us here

And a big thank you to all the members for the teamwork and support we have shown during this Probation

Congratulations Venom Squad. Jolly good work
Great news
Congratulations guy keep up the good work!

For the Empire

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Yay us!
Congratulations troopers
Congratulations Venom Squad!
Congratulations to our northern family .
Congratulations Venom squad
Sweet , thanks to everyone involved and the well wishes alike
Congratulations Venom Squad!!!

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Congratulations Venom Squad
Congrats Venom Squad!