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Full Version: 2018 Redack Garrison Award Winners
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Please congratulate our 2018 Redback Garrison award winners.  All winners are well deserving members of this fine garrison.  In each of their own ways they have helped shape and build the garrison this year in positive, helpful and selfless ways.

Trooper of the Year
Michael "MyKill" Wright

Troopers Trooper
JD "Flashheart" Garrahy

Rookie of the Year
Sian "Darth Cooper" Cooper

Longfin "Sharky" Squad Member of the Year
Sian "Darth Cooper" Cooper

Razorback "Piggy" Squad Member of the Year
Matthew "Duras" Laye

Venom "Occy" Squad Member of the Year
Kerrin "pecklez" Peck

Congratulations troopers.  Thanks for being so awesome!
Well done all
Well done to all the winners.
You all have done the Redbacks proud.
Congrats everyone, well done and well deserved.
Congratulations troopers, all well deserved.
Congrats all!!
Congrats all
Congratulations to all
Congratulations to all great work
Congratulations all.

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Congratulations everyone!
Congratulations Troopers.