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Full Version: Garrison Command Changes April 2019
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Hi all,

Please congratulate Cre8tiv in becoming a new charity officer.  Cre8tiv will be trained up to replace Astro over the coming months and help Tygress with the role.  Thanks to all that applied for the role.  It was a tough decision.  Cre8tiv has the skills and time to make sure we keep up with our standards of record keeping for the Legion bean counters and our own records.

Also we have created a role to keep track of our ever growing props and backdrops that we use at troops.  Iceheart and Sticky will be keeping track of where everything is being kept and where they need to be.  This is a support role for the garrison, but in my opinion a very necessary and important role.  As a Garrison we are lucky enough to have choice and resources for backdrops and props.  Hopefully they will also keep track of that red cash box as well...…..pesky thing gets around.  With Iceheart and Sticky already housing a few of our props they are the best dynamic duo for the job.

Cheers guys for stepping up for these roles , will elaborate further on the prop coordination role and its importance to the garrison soon .
Congratulations all.
Congratulations to you all!
Glad we will know where everything is

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Congratulations guys. Awesome work guys, keeping the legion real
Fantastic to see folks stepping up into new roles to keep this the best Garrison in the Legion. Congrats all round