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Full Version: New members to CRC
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Hello Everyone,
I would like to welcome two new members to the Costume Review Committee, Sly and Wendell.
Both have excellent experience with costuming in the legion as well as outside the legion. 
Sly is an expert on all things TK as well as being a mentor/attache for the 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment.
Wendell is also a mentor with the Jolly Roger Squadron as well as having built other 501st legion costumes. 
Both have an keen eye for detail. Doppeldaumen1
Welcome guys
And God help us all............

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Welcome aboard , this level of expertise helps the Redback maintain our exemplary standards .
Awesome news!

Thanks for the welcome MammaSith
Thank you for the welcome all Smile
Good work guys!
Awesome work guys, welcome to the team!