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Full Version: Scenic Rim Astronomy Association Star Party
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Scenic Rim Astronomy Association Star Party!
Date: 1st of June 2019

Venue: Laravale State Primary School

Time: 11am - 4pm

Mission: To add some Redback STAR power to the event.

Trooper attendance:
Imperial Drone


Support Crew:

It may have started off quite, but we ended up posing for quite a few photos for fans of all ages, and assisted them with their star party passports!
We even got to see a bottle rocket launch and a satellite was re-positioned just for us! Hoppy also gave a very dead snake a proper burial! 

Injuries/Malfunctions: Nil to report.

Public incidents: Nil to report.

Mission Status: This year’s event was a great success, and they're looking forward to having us back next year!
Great work troopers!
Nice work.