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Full Version: Congratulations Imperial Drone -IG10708
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Please congratulate Imperial Drone on his new Imperial Gunner
Well done Trent

[Image: Hd99ou8.jpg]
[Image: 7ZCAp0k.jpg]     [Image: WtVdosw.gif]
Congratulations and welcome to the IGC!

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Well done Trent! Congrats!
Congratulations Trent, looks great.
Congratulations Trent.

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Congratulations Trent! I think that Mercury planet was talking smack about earth, hint hint
Congrats nice gunner helmet
Awesome and welcome to the gun deck. I have a gunner patch and sticker for you as well!

Congratulation mate!
I was Gunner say well done.
But congratulations will suffice
Looking good Trent, congratulations!
Congratulations mate looks great!
Congratulations Gunner , well done .
Thanks everyone Smile
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