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Full Version: Congratulations to SL35711
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There has been a disturbance in the force ........

Please welcome our newest Dark Lord Sticky
Well done on your ANH Darth Vader Jeremy!!

[Image: l1rsVLJ.jpg]
[Image: 6cQbBiC.jpg]         [Image: LQHisTn.gif]
That’s brilliant, congratulations!!

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Awesome work!!!!
Congratulations Sticky Lord
Today shall be a day long remembered. Congratulations mate.
Congratulations mate! Just please, no throat hugs
Nice work! Congrats
Awesome stuff. Congrats
Congratulations Lord Sticky , nice work .
Congratulations mate looks awesome

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Congrats babe. Very proud of you.


Congradulations Sticky!!! It looks amazing!
Sith Lord Sticky... great looking costume mate
Congrats Sticky, interested to see what you get finished next.
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