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Full Version: Congratulations CAR501!!!!
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We should all give a big shout out to the little CAR501 aka "Hewie" for a massive effort travelling from up near Mackay down to the sandy beaches of the Gold Coast.  Hewie didn't break down once and made it the whole way, despite being the oldest car in the field.

Hewie had a little help from three champions in the garrison.  Cueloopz, Altair and Bigmac.  Stellar effort lads.  10 days of driving, dust and doing what the Redback always do.  Being Awesome.

That you managed to get a silver rating on your first bash is outstanding.

The garrison salutes your great effort.

Outstanding effort everyone and well done to the Redback’s for their contribution to the cause both as individuals and as the Garrison combined to help raise in excess of $15,000 for variety , remarkable effort .
So amazing. Huge congrats to all involved. I loved watching the progress on facebook

Outstanding result. It was great to see the progress on Facebook.
Congratulation for another outstanding effort. The daily updates and videos were great, and a fantastic amount raised for Variety.
Well done lads, well done.

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Congratulations guys , the Facebook daily was awesome
Absolutely amazing effort lads!! The silver looked so good on the car! Loved being able to follow along with it's progress down to the gold coast

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Brilliant effort guys. Congratulations
woot well done all!