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Full Version: New CRC member
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I would like to welcome Studio49 , Jonah, to CRC.
Jonah not only has a keen eye for detail on costumes but is knowledgeable with the technology side of costuming. He is also on the Sith Lord detachment command staff.

I also think he would make a great next Bachelor on tv Smile

Welcome aboard Jonah  Smile
Welcome to the fun house Jonah!!!! You will be such an incredible asset to the CRC!

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Welcome aboard Jonah , extra depth on CRC will certainly be an asset .
Congratulations Jonah!
You will be a great asset to the CRC.
Great news.
Thanks all, looking forward to helping out where I can Smile
Great work mate. No doubt your attention to detail will be invaluable.
Congrats mate! A well deserved promotion Smile
Congratulations! What an incredible asset to the team!