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Full Version: Congratulations Redpaint TR6263
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Please congratulate Redpaint on his Senate Guard TFU Blue

This is a first for the Redbacks, a first for Australia and the second in the legion!! Doppeldaumen1

Well done Joe, awesome job, can't wait to see you and Kath troop together

[Image: tCxC3x4.jpg]
[Image: I6XnRs3.jpg]


Well done Redpaint! Congratulations.

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Congratulations mate!
Congratulation Bluepaint. Excellent work
Congratulations bloke , excellent work.
Congratulations Joe, looks great.
Congrats Joe, looks fantastic!
On ya Joe! True Blue!
Awesome work mate congratulations

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I feel a profile name change coming on AKA “Bluepaint”

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Nice work Joe great to see this one come to life....wear it with pride mate. Great job
Great work Joe, it looks fantastic!
Congratulations Joe!!! It looks sensational!

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Nice work Joe
Nice work Joe
Red paint Bluepaint Smile

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