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Full Version: Congratulations to TI17305- Kelz on 3 approvals!
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Congratulations to Kelz on her costume Trifecta 
Tie Pilot, Reserve Pilot and Imperial Crewman

Kelz is the second in the garrison to join the ranks of the Black Widows , well done! 

[Image: d99tM7w.jpg]    [Image: 98UhDj9.gif]

[Image: 0KmLSoq.jpg]     [Image: DlMaHrW.gif]

[Image: qmxLCCj.jpg]      [Image: hroqRtu.gif]
Yaaay! Congratulations!

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Congratulations, fantastic effort , black widows are awesome.
Congratulations on the triple approvals

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Congratulations great work
Congrats on the approvals Kelly.
Congratulations Kelly!
Congratulations Kelz, they look great.
Congrats Kelz

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