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Full Version: Garrison Command Changes October 2019
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Hi all,
We have a couple of changes for the garrison.
Cueloopz is stepping down as our merch officer and from the CRC to take a well earned break.  Matt has been instrumental in the past few runs for our merch and always there to help others with their merch questions.  Matt has been a great asset to the garrison and deserves a well earned holiday from the madness.  He will also be stepping back from the CRC, but he knows that if any of you are doing an ACD costume mammasith will be calling on him for his advice.  Thanks Matt you have been awesome!
Astro is also stepping down from the Charity Officer role.  In fact both her and Hubris are taking a step back from the club to have more fun in real life.  Helen has been working with Collen to get the new system for our charity event reporting and also making sure we caught up with a back log we had.  Not hard to do as we do more events than 95% of the rest of the Legion.  We will miss both you and Flynn, Helen, and we hope you come back to us one day in the future.
Slide Effect is now head merch officer.
Tygress and Cre8tiv are our Charity Officers.
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Thank you Matt and Helen for your superb efforts for the garrison.
May you both enjoy a well-earned break.
Thanks you guys and girls for your time and effort you put into those roles.
You'll be missed, and with big shoes to fill, congrats for those stepping up.
Thank you for your contributions to the garrison Matt and Helen.
Congrats to the new help.
Thank you for your service , the Garrison doesn’t run without people like you in the background doing the work .
Thanks for all the work guys , Matt you were a valuable member of CRC but you don’t get to completely slip away, I will annoy you for advice from time to time Smile
Thank you for all the hard work guys!
Wait what...........

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