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Full Version: Please welcome our Newest BH22810 Snips
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Congratulations to our newest Bounty Hunter Snips 

Outstanding job on your Bo Katan Courtney

.[Image: ujwOzHJ.jpg]     [Image: IE6Ll8v.jpg]

Great job to you too Bolt! Wink
Awesome , great to see this costume back in our roster .
Woohoo it's official!! Well done Snips, you look awesome  Wink

And thanks Mammasith haha
Congratulations Snips!

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We'll done Snips, great job on this!

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Looks great! Congratulations.
Thanks everyone!

And huge thank you to MummaSith!!
EPIC Courtney!!! Congratulations!
Congratulations and welcome Courtney!
Awesome costume and welcome!

Congratulations Courtney! Welcome to the Redbacks and the Bounty Hunters Guild!

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