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Full Version: Congratulations Sticky!!!
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Congratulations To Sticky TI and TX 35711

Someone has been working hard in this time of lock down and keeping the CRC very busy.  Doppeldaumen1

Great work Sticky

TI 35711 181st Imperial Fighter Group

[Image: TZcj2bZ.jpg][Image: O0wblYg.jpg]

TX35711 Imperial Army Engineer

[Image: ffi0zeL.jpg][Image: 42BXtHf.gif]
Noice!! Top stuff Smile

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Nice work mate.
Congratulations Sticky nice work on this one ..
Nice one mate
Congratulations Sticky! Looks great mate.
Congrats Sticky,
trust you to get an Engineer costume done.  Wink

Hopefully more black ones to come.
Congratulations Sticky!!!

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Busy during isolation.
Congrats Sticky.

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Welcome to the flight deck Sticky. Now go shoot up some Rebel Scum