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Full Version: Congratulations Phantom
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Please congratulate Phantom on his Shock Trooper, well done!

 [Image: cTXysyV.jpg][Image: lFlsBwd.jpg][Image: GfFwoiK.gif]
Congratulations Phantom , you look great
Congratulations Phantom!

Your Shock Trooper looks awesome.
woot well done sir! gonna be weird seeing you in just a stormie rather than a bounty
Congratulations on your approval Phantom!
Well this is a bit of a shock.......

Congratulations and apologies on the joke
Congratulations Phantom.
Congratulations and great work to everyone involved
Congrats Biggs!!!
You and Bruce did a great job.

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Congratulations mate looks awesome

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Thanks everyone, but the real thanks should go to Bruce and Kayle who helped on this project while I have been in PNG. It has come up a treat amazing work on a 10 year old MM HIPS kit....thanks again.

@Beanie....still see me in Fett mate Smile but first time I get to troop I will probably rock this one Smile