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Full Version: ALERT: Mitchell Laine
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New Members please be aware:

Mitchell Laine, full name Mitchell Thomas Jon Laine, is a former 501st Legion Member who has received a permanent lifetime worldwide ban from the 501st Legion due to his fraudulent activities within the Legion. He is also banned from other non-Star Wars related forums for fraudulent behaviour.

Mitchell has used a number of aliases in the past, both here on the Redback Garrison Forums and on others overseas, and is constantly creating new ones in attempts to commit fraud.

Mitchell, sadly, is a Queensland resident, and his contact details are known to the Redback Command Staff. We would be happy to pass them on to anyone Mitchell has defrauded to facilitate the recovery of their monies or property, or to assist in legal proceedings.

Whilst we, the Redback Garrison Command Staff, make every effort to identify him when he uses false credentials to access these forums, we would strongly advise all new Cadets and Interstate visitors to contact any of the Command Staff immediately if they are being invited to buy or sell Star Wars armour with anyone in Queensland who is not a full 501st Member and is not a member of these forums.

Kevin Chamberlain
Commanding Officer
Redback Garrison
501st Legion