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Full Version: Welcome the Redbacks newest member TK-8545 Oigen
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We all knew that it was only a mater of time, before Ash would see the light, the dark light. And give in to his deepest desire to become a full Redback (but i think most of us already considered him a Redback anyway).

So please officially welcome TK-8545 to the ranks of the mighty Redbacks.

Great stuff Ash.

[Image: oigen-full.jpg]

[Image: tk_head-1.jpg]
Grats mate!
Your journey to the darkside has only just begun. Sith
Well done dude, about time Cheeky
Well done Ash...welcome to the dark side
Congratulations, Ash!
Fantastic news, Ash.
Great job, well done!

Congratulations!!! Doppeldaumen1
Well done Ash. Next time I wont kick you as hard.
Congratulations Ash no longer just a honorary Redback.Doppeldaumen1 But I hope this means you will only be a part time Jedi from now on, until you get a Sith costume.Lol
Yay! About time! Congrats! Doppeldaumen1
Woo hoo, well done.
Well done Ashley, now you can hang the bath robe up in the closet.
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