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The Redback Garrison's Longfin Squad have ended their 6 month probation period and are now Official!

Great News!
Jig Yay Longfins... Jig

Congrat's Longfins, onwards & upwards.
Yay Go Longfins
Now the merchandise will send me broke? :TD:
Woot Woot...... yay longfins JigBigdanceJig
wooooooowwooooooooohhhhhhhhhhoooooooo so party on the goldie! Congrats Longfin.
Yay. Now wheres the merch
Yet another page in the 501st history books! Well done Longfins Doppeldaumen1
Well done Longfins..JigJig
Great news!
We finally did it!!

I remember when the Spaniard, Mouldman and myself were talking about having a squad on the GC back in 2008...then we got slayed on the TAG forums to the degree they deleted the thread. Hehehe

Lucky for us we went Garrison in 2009 and then it was a long task of getting the numbers, jumping through the hoops and finally getting everything sorted.

We now have 21 members, a kick a$$ logo, some of the best troops in the country, if not world and a Garrison that wants to expand.

A big thanks to Kev, Mox, Rick for the many hours of think tanking and phone calls. To MM for coming up with the cool name. My mate Chris for the logo and all the troopers that make up the LFS and the RBG. We really are awesome!!!

A bit sappy but this took a lot of effort.


Actually when I look at this it looks like an Oscar acceptance speech Hehehe
Well done Longfins, we hope to follow your shinning example.

Nice speech Apok <queue music and shuffle him off the stage> Smile
Nothing worth doing comes easy, and you all deserve congratulating for sticking it out and making it make with the merch!!!
Congratulation Longfins Doppeldaumen1 Im already looking forward to the post probation party at APOKs. Hehehe
Well done longfins.
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