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I am pleased to announce the following troopers have been officially deployed as an MEPD Police Officers.

Congratulations to:
TD-50102 badman
TD-5439 Mr Krunch

The attention to detail guys has paid off, well done.
Congrats guys, more cannon fodder for us Tuskens to shoot at.HeheheTusken
Well're doing us proud! Good luck and stay shiney Doppeldaumen1
Way to go fellas

Swat next?
Nice work troopers!
Well done boy's, leading the way.
Good work, Troopers.

Those Sandies still haven't found those droids, so if you could help....
Good to see that some troopers are working hard keeping the Empire safe. Doppeldaumen1 We are going to need all the MEPD we can get to keep those Jawa's in line. Lol
Well done sandies!!!
You both look sweet and well deserved of your Police Status
Congrats troopers Smile great to see...
nice work guys!!.. i never did put mine in ! Td
Nice one guys, well done Doppeldaumen1
Well done.... Jig Those droids won't know what hit 'em!!!
Great work Troopers - well done!!
Awesome work boys....bad ass NotworthyNotworthy 1 bow for each of you Lol
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