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Full Version: Please welcome the newest Redback, ID-26976 Duras
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Please welcome the newest member to the Garrison ID-26976 Duras

Your orders will be forwarded to you shortly, just don't disappoint Lord Vader.

Great work Matthew

Pics to come
Well done Matt, another officer to boss us all around... Wink
Congradultaions...."Sir". Doppeldaumen1
Wooh!!! Smile:
Congrats mate, I've upgraded you to 'Garrison Member' on the forum.
Nice word buddy Smile
congrats matt, well done
Welcome ID-26976 to the Redbacks, looking good mate
Celebrate good times, come on!


You're in!!!!Doppeldaumen1
Welcome to the Ranks Duras Doppeldaumen1 now the hard work of keeping those troopers iin line begins Eyebrows
Congratz, mate!
Welcome Trooper Congrats!
Look at all those ID numbers
Congrats Duras look forward to seeing you out and trooping
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