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Full Version: event POC's please take note
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Hello everyone in Redback land Smile
Anda (madamsith) and Jason (scope) need any POC's in charge an any troop to forward at least an amount of the donation total of each event as soon as you have it. If you have the receipt please email, fax or post it to us asap please.

contact either of us via PM for fax or address

If you need rattle tins contact us asap and either come and get some (petrie) or I will meet you if I am not attending that troop, we will get you them if you need them Smile
Rules of the money collected are at least 2 people but not a couple should count the money in the presence of all the members at that troop ( this is for your peace of mind, not because you are not trusted) and totals relayed to us asap.
Getting a piece of paper signed by the donator is also a good idea.
Don't be frightened to ask for the donation at the end of the troop, thats why we do this.
Take my contact details to that troop and pass onto the person in charge of giving you that donation for that troop and tell them to contact me.
I will make it my mission to contact every event person in advance of that troop to introduce myself ( I mean Anda or myself)

any questions don't hesitate to contact us anytime, always available for Redbacks Smile

peace, love and may the force be with you.............always
Jason (scope)