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Full Version: Please welcome to the Redbacks, CC-3461 scope
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Clones stand to attention CC-3461 scope 'Commander Cody' is here.

Jason, this looks great mate your attention to detail is fantastic. I know you worked long and hard on this and it has all paid off.

Ready yourself commander its Time for The Great Jedi Purge.

Pics to come
awesome Phantom, thankyou so much

If when I watched this movie someone had told me I would have that Commander Cody costume and you will make it yourself Jason I would have laughed my ass off and said yeah right.
Dream come true
Congrats Brother can not wait to troop along side you.
Well done Jason, this looks so good... Smile
woooo go Scope !
Well done Notworthy You have done a great job and I am so proud of you.

Maybe I will see more of you now Cheeky Wink Cheeky
Well done, you done a fantastic job on your Cody. Look forward to trooping along side you
A real work of art....congrats mate Smile
Well done mate..
Dude!!!! Grats man - Awesome work once again mate!!
Well done Scopey...awesome job on the armour and the photo I must say.
You must be very proud of yourself and I bet you cant stop staring at photos of yourself as Cody.
Awesome news Bud, there was never any doubt that this would fly through approval. Well done.
Well Done Jason, looks awesome!!!
Very awesome dude. Can not wait to see it bud.
You know Jason, if you post that pic above, everyone would think it an official LFL photo, its that good!!

well done buddy
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