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Full Version: Please welcome DZ-7829 Major Payne
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I'm here to report the spotting of a Jawa....DZ-7829 Major Payne. Although seen on his own I do believe there is a clan of these desert scavengers out there waiting to come out of their hiding look out.

Excellent work Payney, looks like a great scavenger. I am sure you won't be on your own too long. In the mean time keep grabbing those droids.

[Image: DSC01706.jpg]

Congrats Payne!
Congratulations Major Jawa Payne... Can't wait to join you... Smile
Congratulations major Payne
Yay! Doppeldaumen1
Congrats Mate!
Well Done.
Grats dude
Awesome effort mate!!
I can't wait to enter a room full of Jawa's and watch you all scatter when I turn the lights on Hehehe
Another Jawa in the ranks, congrats mate.
Wont be safe to leave anything lying around with all you Jawas looking for something to salvage. Looks great Payne Doppeldaumen1
nice jawa mate Smile
another jawa... what is going on?

congrats :D
well done, congrats
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