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Full Version: Please welcome DZ-5245 Deltorn
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I warned you.....I have just spotted another Jawa....DZ-5245 Deltorn. There must be more out there I just haven't seen them look out.

Excellent work Deltorn, Payney needs help in the sand crawler and to control those droids.

Pics to come
And Yay! Jig
Well Done.
Great work, Deltorn!

These Jawas are EVERYWHERE!
Grats mate
AAAHHHH they're everywhere! Aaaah
But thats a good thing Doppeldaumen1

Congrats mate!!
What another jawa Cheeky damm you are breeding like rabbits. Congratulations on your second Rebel approvable costume Deltorn. Peace
Congrats mate, Jawas' will take over this garrison yet. Jawa
WHAT!!?? surely it can't be another Jawa... congrats Mike Smile
Well done Mick, these Jawa's are gonna take over soon enough Smile
Jawas hey? *grabs T-21*, I got just the thing for them...
well done, congrats
Like gremlins,dont feed them after midnight or get them wet!!!
Finally, a target rich environment!!! nice work Delt!
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