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Full Version: Please welcome the newest Redback DZ-19770 Spooky
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Please welcome the newest member to the Garrison DZ-19770 Spooky

Don't say I didn't warn you. There's another one another Jawa. There's more about I am sure of it, don't leave your valuables laying around.

Nice work Craig...go join your clan

Pics to come
Good on You Spooky, Welcome to our Dirty little Jawa Family... Smile
Utini!!!!! Can't wait till the weekend spooky..
Way to go mate , troops galore next year and beyond .
Grats and welcomw aboard.
Congrats! Official status: Garrison Member!

Great work!
FINALLY!!! congratulations. welcome to the redbacks
Martinis all round!

Four, four Jawas! ha ha ha...
Yay yay yay! Finally!!!!!

It's only taken about a year, well a bit more.

But you finally made it. Yay.

You're going to have a blast.

Can't wait to troop with you, now you're official and have a costume. Hope to see you at Supanova on the weekend.

And another Longfin joins the clan.

I'm so wrapped for you.

Jawa now, TK tomorrow. You know you want one. Eyebrows
Well done, and welcome to the Redbacks!
and also welcome to the longfins mate
Welcome to the Garrison Spooky Doppeldaumen1
Yay, congrats spooky. Welcome to the official ranks of the Redbacks and the Longfins.
Way to go Spooky!!! Doppeldaumen1
Congratulations, nice work.
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