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Full Version: Please welcome the newest Redback DZ-11573 MammaSith
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Please welcome the newest member to the Garrison DZ-11573 MammaSith

Whats going on jawa after jawa, someone left the door open.

Good stuff Kayle, looks great.

Pics to come
Well done! Congrats.
Well done honey , house starting to look like the inside of a schizophrenics mind , multiple characters everywhere !
Big grats
Congrats! Official status: Garrison Member!

Looks great!
Congratulations Kayle... Smile
Yay Kayle, all that hard work sewing 15 robes has paid off.

Three Jawas! ha ha ha...
Yay yay yay!

That's frickin awesome. Peace
Congratulations and welcome to the Redbacks!
great work mammasith
Congratulations on going orange MS Notworthy much better than being green Cheeky even if it another pesky Jawa.
You rock little sister!!! Must be genetics...Hehehe
Congratulations, nice work.
well done!! can't wait to Jawa it up with you :D
nice work Smile
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